The Garden is open for everyone to explore. You will need to book a visit to come down to the space so that we can be aware of who’s using the space, keep you up to date and be able to get in contact surrounding matters related to COVID-19.
Eleanor Grace Hann

Eleanor grew up in south east London and  is a movement based creative. Eleanor is passionate about making art accessible to all and allowing conversations of topics somewhat difficult to succeed because of art. 

What does sustainability look like to you?

Sustainability is about a future where we live in harmony with Mother Nature. We do not risk losing one another, health, greenery, land for a capitalist culture.  We stop requiring a constant fast paced society that cannot attain it, especially ethically. To be sustainable means to look after those we don’t know, those we love, places we will never visit, places we adore, and lastly to love ourselves.

One word to describe Gaia’s Garden