The Garden is open for everyone to explore. You will need to book a visit to come down to the space so that we can be aware of who’s using the space, keep you up to date and be able to get in contact surrounding matters related to COVID-19.
Andrea Sisó

Andrea is a multidisciplinary designer/artist living in London. The main focuses in her work are on food history’s relation to immigrant identity. She explores themes of hybridity and sustainability within that context. She came to Gaia’s Garden to provide support as a visual communicator (graphic design/creative direction).

What does sustainability look like to you?

Sustainability to me is fundamentally a system of living. A way of life that acknowledges and respects each and every thing. To be a truly sustainable creative I believe you should love the things you make and acknowledge the effort it takes to make them. Throw away culture is detrimental for us all.

One word to describe Gaia’s Garden

Intersectionality (the connectivity of everything)