The Garden is open for everyone to explore. You will need to book a visit to come down to the space so that we can be aware of who’s using the space, keep you up to date and be able to get in contact surrounding matters related to COVID-19.
Ananya Panwar अनन्या पँवार

Ananya is a 22 year old Garhwali woman from India at the exciting intersections of academia, culture, environment, music performance, and technology. As a Musician, Poet, and Performance Scientist, there is much that sparks her interest but the potential to create and facilitate experiences that encourage people’s connection to themselves and the universe is what drives her. Since moving to London, her creative outputs have mainly focused on my exploration of womanhood, immigration, and our human interaction with the Earth.

What does sustainability look like to you?

To me, sustainability looks like a rich heritage that we were taught to dispose off in favour of “progress and profit”. It looks like every decision made with the intention of slowing down the pace at which we create, consume, destroy, and discard. This, I find especially true in a fast-paced city such as London. Ultimately, sustainability looks like ALL that every one CAN and MUST do to protect, preserve, and regrow our wonderful shared home -- the Earth, alongside all its other inhabitants.

One word to describe Gaia’s Garden