The Garden is open for everyone to explore. You will need to book a visit to come down to the space so that we can be aware of who’s using the space, keep you up to date and be able to get in contact surrounding matters related to COVID-19.
We recruited a group of over 200 young people from around the capital to help grow Gaia.

From gardening, to building, to capturing content while we developed the space.
We’re building a home for young, creative Londoners where the city has been empty due to the loss of its workers.

We’re building tighter bonds with people from different communities, and making new public realm spaces to foster greater connections and nurture one another and nature in the concrete jungle.

The space is slowly coming to life, with this network of progressive young people at its helm and a series of spaces to be used for us to educate, entertain and involve the city in making room for the next generation.